How Many Disabled People Living in Cambodia?

Currently Cambodia don’t have the actual data or statistic of disabled people because of the lack of fundding to support the PWD’s NGOs and MoSAVY to survey and collect the data.

Usely, I always saw some reports from the research institutes or research agencies they estimated in different number of the ammount of disabled persons in Cambodia.

According to theses issues it is the real important if we know the actual number of Cambodian Disabled Persons for an NGOs, INGOs, Government, and private sector to establish their programme and project to implimentation to support PWDs in Cambodia and as a goal of government to reduce the poor in Cambodia.

Disabled People Stratistic are also very important to develop Cambodia society because the poorest people came form disabilities, as we knew there are a lot of mine (million) found & distroyed by CMAC in Cambodia from 1992 to present and according to the reports of CMAC and The National Authority of Mine siad: in Cambodia Their are 3 to 4 people affected mine some died and being disabled people; other more Cambodian Poeple going to be disabled persons in every day cause of trafic accident if referred to Handicap International Report 2006.

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    kimhuor said,

    i 1 to say i m very happy to know 🙂

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    Fund for strengthening to cmmunity base 3 communce,6villages said,

    Dear Sir/Madam:
    I am advisor of community base in local, I want to know about guideline of government have fund for develop to themes, Therefore please kindly you help me thank you very much.
    Best regards
    Vuthea Swin,BMC

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    […] Cambodia doesn’t have actual data or statistic of disabled people because of the lack of funding to support the PWD’s NGOs and […]

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