Freedom and Independent Living Are What the PWds needs?

Freedom & Independent Living











Of course people living in the global society in basic needs they are have to do the work or business for drinking, eating, clothing, health care, and education.

Regarding to the global and social development for underdeveloping country, Cambodia needs the participant both the local communities (PWDs themself), government and international organization. In Cambodia their are a lot of landmine survivor and children with disabilities they are waiting for help and support them to help themself buy by providng the skill training, jobs, legal, and small business in the workplace. If disabled people have all these with fully participant of the government in good governent so they can living indipendent and fully participant in the Cambodia society.

If we talk about the independent living of people with disabilities it is easy to say but very difficult to implement. Cambodia needs a big fund & budget from both own government and organization to support. The national strategic for development it will not an effictive if the implimentation could not be done. The action plan for the relevance NGOs or Agencies are also the main objective to reach the vision, mission, and goal of the master plan for government of Cambodia to help and support Cambodian people with disabilities.

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