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Result of First Blog Training for People With Disability in Cambodia

Dear Friends,

It really interesting for the Blog Training for People with Disabilities in Cambodia. Yes of course the large sheet result from the training & group discussion are very important & challenging as bellow:

1- PWDs are very happy to know about blog and happy to have personal blog

2- PWDs will blog both English & Khmer languages and about People With Disabilities

3- They will make Selfhelp Group to make & design blog to help each other within their group and hand out the small project if some one want them to do sth.

4- They are realy want to know deeply about how to make a beautifully blog, need advance training course

* 5- They want to share information to people around the world about themself and people living with disabilities to show that “normal people can do they also can, do not look disabilities but should look their capacity?

* 6- They want to express: they need support on rights base for people with disabilities like: Transportation & Accessibilities: RAM for wheelchair going up stare to study in the Universities, Hospital, Public Garden, Hotel, Restaurant, and especially access to the Toilet, …etc.

* 7- They want to raise and participant in the society, political, economics for their independent living.

******* Who can help and support them? (MoSAVY, DAC, NCDP, CT, HI, CDPO, ……… etc.)
See photos:
“Help Disabled People to Help Themself”



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First Blog Training for People With Disabilities in Cambodia Had Been Done!

First Blog Training for People With Disabilities in Cambodia at the National Centre of Disabled Persons (NCDP) on 19 December 2007 had been done, please see the training photos activities:

Please see more pictures on flick:

This is the pilot project for Information Technology Training for People With Disabilities (PWD) in Cambodia.

Help Disabled People To Help Themself

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First Blog Training for People With Disabilities in Cambodia

First Blog Training for People With Disabilities in Cambodia

Dear all,

After civil war in Cambodia during the year 1975 to 1979  leave alot of disabled people, most of them living in the remote areas in the dificult situation and environment, they are always met the discrimination from the other people in the society eventhough alot of local & international NGOs and government do the awareness rasing to support and help them, But PWDs some time they would to say, to speak, to express their world, theire voice in the communities, local society and to the world of their situation and seeking for help. So that why we conduct the additional skill call “Blog Training Workshop” on 19 December, 2007 at the National Centre of Disabled Persons.

Throught this training course we hope that they will knew: What is the new free technology media: What is Blog? How is Blog working? How to create Blog? What is the advantage of the Blog? we hope Cambodian disabled people understand and will have abilities to create and use Blog and will knew cleary about the advantage of using the new free technology media system.

“Help Disabled People to Help Themself”

By: Love_CAM
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