First Social Network for People With Disabilities in Cambodia

Dear Friends,

This is the first Social Network for Cambodian People With Disabilities (PWDs) to build the networking and communities, through this website they can:
– Setup their account and joining the members of the networking.
– Upload their photos/Videos and make Album & Favorites /
– Download beautifully Photos & Videos
– Post the comments or using blog
– Use free chat room (Forum)
– Find out some one profiles / can see some one online for easy to contact
– Invite friends to join their site
– Using free services that PWDsGroup offered
* The goal for this Social Network is to “Help Disabled People To Help Themself”
By: Love_CAM

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  1. 1

    poy pros said,

    For me, in order to help disable people help themselves is a goal for themselves, the first one, we have to motivate him/ her minds to give the hope in life, is to let them of hopeful. the second, give them on skills for feeding themselves. the third point, give them of the value in the society. Please stop looking him as the disable person.

  2. 2

    ឆាយ said,

    It’s great to have a group for people with disability can meet and support each other. I commend your effort.

  3. 3

    Sor Liny said,

    I worked for IRL( IndoChina Research Litd) in position of interviewer for two year.Unfortunately i got stroke,this cause me loss of consciousness,loss of speech and partial loss moment for several days.Fortunately,i recovered from paralysis that i am able to speak to move my partial body,but still those are not normally functioning.Right now i worked for OEC organization until the end of contract.Now day i am unemploye,i wish to work for NGO or Company if it possible .
    Thank u

  4. 4

    Hi ; To you wounderful Disabled People of Cambodia, From Rick a Long Haul Trucker on the Road in America. I run my own Yrucking Co. here, I want to help some of those People who have Been made Blind and Disabled by Landmines in Cambodia.

  5. 6

    Love_CAM said,

    Dear friends,
    Thank you for supporting and help to commend, this Social Network website for people with disability was closed by NING, because we don’t have money to pay them.

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