First Fighting Cambodia vs Thai in 21 Century

After the Preah Vihear temple of Cambodia was approved and accepted being a world heritage there were a big problem betwin the Cambodia-Thai about the border finaly on 15 October 2008 at around 2:25 there was fighting betwin this two countries Thai and Cambodia. Thai try to troops in to border temple and try to get Cambodia Areas arong the Dorng Reik mountain. Please see: or  or

If you are Khmer please share this information to our people around the world, we don’t like the war because we just pass the civill war for more then 30 years and it is the reasons that will be gain more disabled people.


Please Love Khmer more then other Love Khmer!

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    […] Cambodian soldiers near the historic Preah Vihear temple. Both countries are claiming the temple. A Cambodian blogger writes: “We don’t like the war because we just pass the civil war for more then 30 years.” […]

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    Sopha S said,

    The situation in Thai is getting worse, The airport was shut down last wednesday. Thai has a history of violience and coupled so many times in the world. The Asian Association should not give Thai as the president of Asian. This position should hold back because of the concern about the insecurity in Thai. The new president should be substituted very quickly because the Asian needs to solve the economic crisis in the global. Cambodia has the growing very fast and has very good security, so Cambodia is qualified to be the president of Asian Association.

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    Khmer son said,

    Thai is in riot around the Bang Kok airport. The whole airport was shutting down last Wednesday, and thousand of tourists were evacuated from this country. One big concern is Thai going to hold the Asian meeting in December. The opposition party in Bang Kok is trying to ask the government to step down. The analyst said, each party is trying to get its power. The chaos is till continuing in Thai. Thai has a history of violation in the world which has more couples in its country in the world. However, the Asian association has voted Tha to be the president of Asia last year as one of the biggest mistake. Once was blamed because of the invasion Cambodia in September. Thai has many bad view to be the president of the Asia at this time because Asian needs to solve the economic crises which has spread around the world. One suggestion, this position should be changed or chosen a new president for the Asian Association. Cambodia is an example of good democratic development with population 13 millions and stablity in both economy and security.

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    Khmer son said,

    Why do you want to come to America?

    I am a project manager for a large company. I have many degrees and perusing my professional degree. I am so tired of Cambodian people in Cambodia. I tried to explain them if they have a good education and job in Cambodia, they should not come to America. I could not convince them. Why? I and my wife are looking to go back to live in Cambodia because I think our country has a better life in America.

    Everything has gone up so expensive in America. I make a lot of money comparing to some people, but I could not save more than three hundred dollars each month. I have a lot of bills such as rent, car, car insurance, life insurance, phone bills, utilities, credit card, and student loan. I could survive because I have a good education. How about people who doesn’t know anything and immigrate to this country? They make less than $10 per hours. How can you survive? Today, America is in the middle of economic recession, so to find a job is not easy. I know most of people who just come to America likely to clean the restroom or do labor job which less than $9 per hour. They work so hard and tiredness. They have no time for rest. They have no time to see their family, and even no time to spend money. I feel so sorry for them. Some of them have a fair economy in Cambodia.

    I feel so sorry for those who want to come to America and married to old man; they end their life with no happiness. Why did they do that? And why do you want to do that? Most of them are ending up with divorces. Life is only one, so why you want to let your life down. I know some people their love is money, and I don’t want to debate about that. However, love should be the lover that means you love him and he loves you “He is not too old.”

    I drove my wife to school and met many young ladies who married to old men, “they talked to me and told me, “I am so jealous with your couple because you and your husband love each other, your husband is not too old, and he loves you. He looks so young, and has a very good education. He doesn’t let you go to work. But I “she” have to work hard to help my old husband paying his bills. If I could choose to go back to Cambodia, I would do so, and I would never come to America again.”

    I want to tell you that life in America is not easy as you thought everybody needs to work hard in order to survive; especially in the economy is downturn. Today, America hit so hard by the recession, and there are more and people getting laid off. Many large firms are filing bankruptcy such as Washington Mutual Bank, circuit city, and others. Even states employees were laid off. Why do you want to come to America?

    I know many people went to Cambodia and acted as they just came from the paradise. They lied to Cambodian people that they had a great life in America. Some of them work in the restaurants, or clean the restroom, or have no education at all. They like to lie to make them good, and you think wow “I want to come to America.” Stop having a bad dreaming. Live close to your love one in our country.

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      Koun Khmer said,

      You know what, you are right about try to convince people not to come to United State. If they have a well education they shouldn’t immigrate to America. Don’t think that you have a good educated you will get a good job that you need in Cambodia if you not a kiss ass or try to know a wealthy people. However, people in here work hard and get less than 10$ but they still have alot of benefit for there life. The best opportunity that they never have in their home land. Believe me or not, no one want to leave their own country and come to the second country to be a labour and living with a completely different of culture and tradition. It’s not all of cambodian that live United state that make only 10$/hr there are alot of people that make more than that. Not all of the people that come here to seeking a job that rate between 8 to 10$/hr because they can’t get the better one yet but they might get it in somedays. Hey man! keep your mind expand and looking to the world how many people that you meet and they are a restroom cleaner? or a waiter or waitress? It just the first step to reach to the top only no body will be a cleaner forever. They will seek self improvement. The main reason they try to come here is because in here they have more opportunity to work and go to school. Also the freedom of speech and liability. Let say you pay alot of bill each month but it’s not only you that pay the bill. Every one in America do the same thing that is the way we live in here. In here you can get a 20,000$ brand new car just put 3000$ for down payment or even not at all. And you can get a brand new car to drive. How about in Cambodia? Brand new car? don’t even dream about it you will never get a brand new car in cambodai if you are a restroom cleaner but in here you can no matter what you are everyone have a eqaul opportunity. Everything in cambodia you need to have the exactly amount of money for that item in order to get it. No financail system for you. you want to buy 20,000$ value car you need to have exactly the same amount of money to get that car. 3000$ pay down and pull it out and drive home hell no!!! You say you need to pay back for student laon that is good. Why? you know what is the reason? You got a better qaulity of education, Also you can apply for the grant. In cambodia the education system is still poor. And no student laun at all if you don’t have money you are done you not gonna go any further than high school. Let put it this way, for you self right now you have a degree from America if i want you to exchange your degree to have a Cambodian’s university degree would you agree? you properly gonna say hell no. right? You need to know the truth. There are alot of thing to compare and saying that America still have alot of opportunity for every body. I don’t want to decribe it all but you need to think. Man you are getting on my nerve. I’m a cambodain too i was born in cambodia i love my country i love cambodian people i love everything in cambodia but right now it’s not the right time to live there if you have a better opportunity in United state we should seek the better life style. I think you left Cambodia so long so you no nothing about Cambodia right now man. Every one have their own goal stop trying to convince people not to come here you can give the suggestion but not convince. said compare about the life in america and cambodia for them. In fact, the life in here is still better. the restroom cleaner in here and cambodia is completely different. You need to think about that dude. Don’t piss me off.
      if you have any further opinion you can email to me at

      US. Army

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    Information Sharing said,

    The average gasoline in the country(U.S) is $1.75 per gallon. It is about $.25 per litre or 2,200 riel in khmer money.

    Three large automakers, General Motors, Fords, and Crysler went to the congress today asking for help. If the they cannot get the bail out about $37 billions, they will have trouble, or go to be bankcrupcy.

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    Happy New Year said,

    Happy New Year!

    On this occasion, I would like to say Happy New Year to all Cambodians in Cambodia and around the world. I would like to say Happy New to rich and poor in Cambodia and around the world. Best wishes to all Cambodians in Cambodia and around the world. I wish you a success, prosperity, and happiness.

    2008 was a dark year for almost everybody around the world. The economy was downturn, and there were many people turned in unemployment. It was a painful year, but it was a good experience for us to prepare in 2009. it is a year of hope and change.

    2008 was a bad year for Thais because the economic crisis in the global and the bad politics in this country. It was aggressive year for Thais over Cambodia. Thais invaded on Cambodian land territory. I would like to say Happy New Year to all Thais who hurt because of the economic and politic crisis. I wish they are all with a prosperity, success, and happiness.

    My only one wish for me in 2009 is to call all the Thais troop getting out of the Cambodian territory and understanding the value of respect, integrity, and friendship.

    My wish for 2009 is to call the Cambodian government to understand that Thai is not the only option for Cambodians to do business with or “Partnership.” Based on 2008 experienced, Thais won’t stop their aggressiveness. They will continue this, so we have to do something. It’s only United Nations who could stop them.

    I think Malaysia is the country that Cambodians should do business with. Malaysia is a great country, and they have great people and great economic stability. Malaysians are our great friends who we can trust in all the investment.

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    I visited Thailand with the International Student Volunteers program, and this news is very disheartening. I will share this article with my fellow volunteers.

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