Annual Network Meeting for Persons with Disabilities in Cambodia


Annual Network Meeting for Persons with Disabilities in Cambodia

Phnom Penh – “The annual network meeting for Persons with Disabilities in Cambodia.

The group photo of persons with disabilities during the annual network meeting of Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) hold in Cambodiana Hotel on 24th -26th Nov 2014 provided a big smile for persons with disabilities rights.

Mr. Ky Sophan, Acting Director of the Cambodian Disabled people’s Organisation (CDPO) stated in closing ceremony of the annual networking meeting that “the participation of persons with disabilities in society is right-based approach to ensure a disability-inclusive society in all development aspects.”

What is DPO? DPO stands for Disabled People’s Organisation. DPO is a group of persons with disabilities established to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities. Recently, CDPO has 60 members of DPOs which represented in 24 provinces within country. Those DPOs closely work with provincial and local decision makers such as commune council, school, health care centers, etc. to mainstream disability issue into development plan and activity.

The right of person with disability is protected and promoted by the Law on the Protection and Promotion on the Right of Persons with Disabilities which adopted by the National Assembly in 29 May 2009.

“We have law to protect our rights, what we need to do is to awareness to public to aware and ensures that we have equal rights to participate in society”. Mr. Sophan added.

Source from: Mr. Sophan Ky, Secretariat of ASEAN Disability Forum at CDPO

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