My name is Heng Phan, I was born during Polpot regime and I growing in the country side from poor family in Kompot province; in my family there are a lot of my relative died including my lovely father. In my family there are a few man have a life; most of my family members are women, so we are difficult to live after the Polpot regime.

I knew exactly about the difficulty and the needs of the people living in the community especially about disabled people. I have a commitment and always challenge, contribute my best free time study to help and support Cambodian Disabled Persons especially children with disabilities.

When I worked for the National Centre of Disabled Persons (NCDP) with the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Programme along the year 2003 to 2007, I’m regretful when I came to the community with my team work I saw a lot of children with disabilities living in the country side and I really want to help and supports them, I know some about the child rights they are always needs and asking for the standard living (their family said): have enough food, clothes, heath care & lovely, education, and special supports and take care from the Cambodia society.

In Cambodia I saw a lot of newspapers and press in the article some talk about the Cambodian child labour protection (ILO) and some talk about the illegal of using child labour from their direct parent or family and from the illegal business sector, When I read I field very said and agree very much. That why I chosen this topic to blog about.

My goal just want to share some reality  of the Cambodian Poor People living with in the communities, especially about the disabled persons and children with disabilities.

I hope all of you will be support them (PWDs) by contribute some commend or your personal properties to support & help them.

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    Hello; I want to help Landmine Victums who have been made Blind and Disabled . I have recently read all about what is happening to the People of Cambodia , and how so many are having there Lives ruined by Landmines. I own a Longhaul Trucking Co. in USA. I want to train Blind Landmine Victums with Brail Computers to become Licensed Freight Brokers for Trucking Freight in USA. I have read how Disabled People are treated so Badly in Cambodia , cant find work and must often Beg for food. I have read how most were Farmers trying to plant crops to feed there familys, when a Landmine tore ther Lives Apart ! I grew up on a large Farm in USA, I have Much in Common with Farmers anywhere in the World. What Changed my whole Direction for the Remainder of my Life recently was when I Looked up ” cambodian blind amputee landmine victum ” . on yahoo search . I found a Photo of a Young Man on flicker-photo share from November 25th 2007, The poor Guy had Just lost His Left Leg above the Knee , and Also Lost his Eyes to a Landmine !! I am not ashamed to to tell you that I cried many Tears, I then looked further and saw many more Cambodian People who were tore apart by Lanmines. And they say over 40,000.00 have there lives ruined by these Landmines. I want to find the Young Blind man in the Pictim Photo above listed on Nov, 25th 2007 # 2061565359 by Pictim , and by Tim Grant. If you know Him tell him I wish to Help Him and his Family , I hope they are not Suffering ? I also plan one Day to come to Cambodia and Start a Manufacturing Bisiness that will for sure Employ many Blind and Disabled Landmine Victums !! From Rick Hawthorne; Kenai LLc. Escalante. Email rickykenai@yahoo.com phone 702-378-1105 .

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      hengphan said,

      Dear Rick Hawthorne,

      Frstly i am apology for my late to reply to you.

      Thank you very much for your message, for detail about landmind survivor you can contact to Mr. Yi Veasna, Executive Director of the National Centre of Disabled Persons (NCDP) with his e-mail address: ncdp_dir@ncdpcam.org Tel: +855-16-880354. I host this web blog just want to open the world to Cambodian and other disable persons to post of what they want to see and ask for help.

      Best regards,


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